At the Audi plant began to work autonomous robots, parking


The robot-valet

As everyone has long known, contamination of the workplace can reduce labor productivity. Understands this and the company Audi, which decided to use the robot parking loters Ray, to free the factory workspace from the finished car.

Two Ray robots became part of the pilot project that started at the Audi plant in Ingolstadt. The automaker himself positions the project as a link in the future intellectual factory, where parking robots will engage in logistics and deliver finished products from the production area to the temporary storage area.

Also, parking robots will be able to sort and arrange cars in the order necessary for further transportation. This will allow the employees of the enterprise to save considerable time while loading railway cars. By the way, in the future robots will also be engaged in loading.

Ray robots are manufactured by Serva Systems and are already successfully used for automated parking at Dusseldorf airport in Germany. The robot itself is a frame equipped with a set of sensors that determine the position and dimensions of the car. For transportation, the car rises 10 cm upwards, after which the robot moves it to the place calculated by the control software.

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