Ikea introduced furniture with panels for wireless charging


Wireless Chargers from Ikea

At the International Congress of Furniture Manufacturers, which takes place in Spain, the Swedish company Ikea demonstrated its next novelty – a line of furniture equipped with panels for wireless charging of electronic devices.

The collection includes tables, tables, lamps with panels for wireless charging, working on the principle of induction transmission of electricity. The furniture itself is connected to a power source. On April 15, scheduled to start sales in European and North American stores Ikea International, after which the delivery will begin around the world.

Wireless Chargers from Ikea

Still charging mobile devices creates certain inconveniences associated with the need to carry a wired charger. Ikea offers its customers a detailed application in which the places of wireless charging will be indicated. The company also intends to separately sell furniture sets of wireless charging at a cost of 20 to 30 euros.

According to experts, the appearance of Ikea in the market of wireless chargers will sharply aggravate the competition, where “giants” such as Samsung, HTC and Microsoft have already “digged in” .

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