KaliPAK – solar power station in a case



In extreme situations, away from settlements, special importance is attached to a reliable renewable power source. As practice shows, the best option is compact solar cells, which are able to provide operation of small electronic devices.

The Israeli company Kalisaya offered its variant of portable solar batteries, which fit in a small portfolio – KaliPAK. It is available in three versions – KaliPAK 201, 401 and 601. So, the 201 model combines a 20-watt solar panel with a battery for 192 watts-hours, and a more powerful 601 model weighing almost 7 kg has 40 watts of solar panels and a 562 watt-hour battery.


The solar panels are in a folded case. To bring them to working condition, they must be deployed and installed on stands. The case has several ports for connecting devices, a Bluetooth system for controlling the device from a smartphone and a control panel.


In addition to the basic kit, a version with LED backlight, an inverter for starting an AC device, a car adapter for a cigarette lighter, a waterproof lamp with a battery for 7800 mAh and a splitter for charging multiple devices from the same port is also possible.

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