Seven facts you need to know about Apple Watch


Apple Watch

A month remains until the moment when the acquaintance with the clock Apple Watch will cease to be an exclusive. But while the device is still fraught with a lot of mysteries. What do you need to know about the famous flagship watch so as not to be known as ignoramus in the near future?

1. Those who hoped that the novelty will get rid of the need to carry a phone with you, expects disappointment. Watch from the “apple” manufacturer does not work by itself, they are completely dependent on Wi-Fi and mobile iPhone network. The last is to read literally. The gadget does not connect to the network of devices on the Android or Windows platform, nor does it accept the signal from the iPod and iPad. Only iPhone 5 or later.

2 . Charge the clock will have almost every night, despite all attempts by Apple’s bright minds to extend the battery’s daily life. Guarantee turned out to be only 18 hours of uninterrupted operation. Although, of course, it all depends on what you use the device for. If your goal – to periodically check the time, then the clock can last up to 72 hours without recharging.

3 . To “restore energy reserves” will have to use a special cord that resembles a charger for mechanized toothbrushes, but the standard Apple’s will not work.

4 . Apple Watch is equipped with a water repellent (not to be confused with a waterproof) casing. The design complies with the international standard IEC IPX7, so that the watch can be immersed in water to a depth of one meter for half an hour. The manufacturer, of course, does not advise putting such experiments, but for the safety of the watch in case of falling under a shower, you do not have to worry.

5 . Despite the fact that Apple Watch involves the use of the iPhone, sometimes you will want to use it separately, for example, while jogging. In this case, the clock has an internal memory of 8 GB, two of them – for the storage of audio files. The remaining 75% of the memory is needed for operating system and applications, and 75 MB for mini-pictures. For comparison, the iPod has only 2 GB of memory, containing hundreds of songs.

6 . The clock can cost as much as 349 dollars, and all 17,000. The reason for such a wide spread of prices is the variety of variations. The developers have tried to take into account the tastes of those who wish to have a simple aluminum appliance, as well as lovers of luxury, who will order an exclusive pink or yellow gold with leather inserts, worth more than many cars.

7 . The battery can discharge faster than the black owners. It’s not a matter of racism, just to measure the pulse, the clock reads the oxygen level in the blood, which uses an infrared sensor, so a more powerful lamp is required for people with dark skin to correctly read the data. However, the producer himself refrains from comments on this topic .

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