Genetics promise to create a hip-hop wine


Hopeless wine is already a reality

The group of genetic scientists at the University of Illinois, led by Professor Yong-Su Jin, as a result of years of research, opened the secret of creating a wine-free wine by changing the DNA of wine yeast.

This will significantly reduce the level of harmful by-products causing hangover syndrome or, more simply, familiar to many characteristic headaches after previous solid wine libations.

Hopeless wine is already a reality

As a “knife genome” was used enzyme nuclease, which activates the secondary process of malolactic fermentation, which “cuts off” from wine toxic toxic products. At the same time, the wine contains a useful component for the body – resveratrol, the content of which can also be increased with the help of genetic engineering.

According to scientists, its use will significantly improve the quality of many food products of plant origin, in particular, bread, beer, salt cucumbers by introducing in them, for example, active compounds from ginseng.

In the future, new gene technologies will allow winemakers to create wines for every taste, smell and strength without the slightest danger of waking up in the morning with a headache.

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