Thanks to a powerful solar storm, the earthmen saw an amazing sight


City of Twizel, New Zealand

Last night, the Earth was covered by a powerful solar storm, literally lit up the night sky with unprecedented northern lights. The most surprising thing is that it was possible to observe it not only in areas adjacent to the poles of the Earth, but also in many places far from them at great distances, for example, in Washington, Wisconsin, Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and also in many Russian regions.

The cause of such a large-scale light phenomenon were two super-powerful flares on the Sun. After them, the streams of magnetic plasma streamed to the Earth, which reached its magnetic field, turned into a magical polar glow. According to scientists, this was also largely promoted by favorable weather conditions.

In the area of ​​Lake Loch Ness

Polar or northern lights occur in the upper atmosphere. It is characterized by an incredible color variety with a predominance of pale green and pink shades. The presence of nitrogen in the atmosphere “provokes” red, blue and violet colors, and greenish-yellow – caused by collisions of oxygen molecules at altitudes of about 100 km. Red auroras occur much higher – at an altitude of over 320 km.

South Germany, Mayerkisch-Oderland
USA, Alaska

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