Tomsk scientists are working on creating a children’s “rescue” bracelet


The device will signal SOS

Annually in the world as a result of accidents on the water thousands of children die. And this happens not only in open reservoirs, but also in swimming pools, and in most cases the parents’ inattention becomes the fault.

Andrei Kolchanov, representing Tomsk Polytechnic University, together with his colleagues are developing a portable electronic device that reacts to abnormal behavior of the child at the moment when it begins to sink. The device will start signaling to parents with panic waves, palpitations, rapid heartbeats, when every second is expensive.

The device will look like a bracelet with electronic sensors in a sealed enclosure. The distress signal is duplicated by a special flag that will remain on the surface of the reservoir in case the child leaves the water.

It is assumed that the range of the signal will be 120 meters. The second part of the device will be the receiving device, which will be with the parents. In this case, the alarm does not follow if the child is just playing in the water. According to the developers, the device most likely will be interested in the mothers of children from 4 to 7 years.

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