Super-fast robot runner is preparing to set a new world record


Robot Atrias

Atrias is created by the fastest and hardiest two-legged robot-runner on the planet. The prototype for creating the model was land birds, who can not fly, but have the ability to run fast.

The speed of movement when walking and running robot is provided by springs, mounted in its feet. Thanks to a special four-link mechanism, Atrias is able to break the records of high-speed movement among robots not only when it runs, but even when it quickly goes.

The mechanism developed for the rapid movement of Atrias is extremely light, and the limbs of the robot are attached to elastic springs made of fiberglass, which serve as a suspension, in combination being mechanical energy storage devices.

Previously, Atrias had already demonstrated an impeccable balance during the test, when he was pushed, and he moved weight from foot to foot and thus kept his balance.

However, behind all these entertaining tests there is a serious development sponsored by the Advanced Defense Research Agency (DARPA) and the HFSP program: the robot is planned to be used to penetrate places that are difficult to access or dangerous to humans. In addition, based on the technology it will be possible to create limb prostheses that perfectly simulate the real parts of the body.

About daily successes Atrias can be read in his own Twitter feed , for which the robot was provided with a special program.

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