Goodyear is working on the creation of tires that produce electricity



Like other tire manufacturers, Goodyear put a lot of time and effort into creating wheels with reduced torque, which can reduce fuel consumption for traditional cars and a number of electric vehicles. In the process of developing engineers came up with the idea: why not make the bus produce electricity?

The work of the new BH-03 tires is based on regenerative braking, in which the consumed energy is captured and returned to the battery for the subsequent passage of the cycle again and again.

It was supposed to check two theories. The first was to use piezoelectricity, and more specifically – the electronic charge that occurs in materials during compression or friction. After all, for tires this kind of movement is typical. This property of piezoelectric materials (quartz, ceramics and salt of some species) is already used by people, say, in lighters. In this case, scientists decided to add materials of elasticity, combining them with rubber.

The second theory is based on thermoelectricity. Here we are talking about the occurrence of an electrical voltage with variations in temperature. Tires are heated from the sun, as well as when rotating in motion. According to the second assumption, materials like bismuth telluride and tin selenide must be investigated. Again, in combination with rubber, because no innovation should go to the detriment of elasticity and durability.

In the meantime, in many respects, these are just theoretical developments. Engineers still have to pick up the necessary materials, find out how effectively they generate energy and how much extra weight it will add to the tires. There is no guarantee that the concept BH-03 will enter the market. However, it is likely that in a few years, car tires will be very different from the usual us.

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