Pixie tags help you find lost things


Pixie tags

Pixie tags are a new kind of trackers, receiving and transmitting devices designed to accurately determine the place where the object is located. In this case, the electronic tags work in pairs with the smartphone’s camera to within a few centimeters.

Pixie teardrop sensors are attached to objects and create virtual tags that form a digital map using a special mobile application. The smartphone scans the surrounding environment via Bluetooth and, thanks to the “pop-up” labels, finds the desired object.

Pixie tags

Any marked object interacts with both the application and its “neighbor”, even through walls, thus forming a general picture. So, with the help of a free application for iOS, a secure triangulation network of marked objects within a radius of 10 to 45 meters is created. And yet Pixie-marks as precisely as possible work at close range.

Pixie tags

Using the “TrackR” button, you will get information about how far the object is located, and the “Tile” button displays text prompts. As a result, you get full information about the location of the items you need.

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